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Email troubles

Hi, If your email is dongvanhungbkhn @, i tried to send you a reply to your email from 3 different email accounts, and they were all rejected. If you could please contact me from an email address i can reply to you from that would be great. Alternatively, i can be contacted via skype with […]

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Down To One

Hey, i just found out about another game that is using some of Props Animations. Its called Down To One. Here is the steam greenlight link: Here is a blurb from the greenlight page: Down to One is a competitive survival shooter in a large, interactive, open-world environment. Start out with nothing, and use […]

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Props animations 1.32

Hi I’ve just uploaded Props anims 1.32. Once it is accepted by Unity, it will include: IdleWalkRoot Vertical Ledge Grab Vertical Ledge Idle Vertical Ledge Up Tennis forehand/backhand Tennis overhead Long Jump Skydive Jump Skydive Fall Skydive Dive Skydive String Pull Blowpipe

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Skype Possibly Hacked

Hi All, I have recently not been able to log onto my Skype account and noticed most of my account details have been changed. So if anyone is using skype support in the next couple of days and gets offensive messages or what ever I apologize as i currently can’t do anything about it. Sorry […]

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