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Props Animations 1.19 is up

Hi, Props anims 1.19 has been accepted and is up on the store. included animations are Loser, Armflex5, Armflex6, Heavy weapon swing, Small Sword swing combo, small sword jab combo, small sword backstab, heavy weapon overhead, heavy weapon comb, handstand, backpack grab and whistle. So go get your update!  

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youtube channel

Hey, i thought people might like to see the process i go through when i make the animations for the props animations asset, so if you goto this link: you will see me make one of my animations, and if ppl like that i will keep doing vid’s of each of the animations. let […]

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1.18 Sent off

Props anims 1.18 just got sent off. While it was just a small update (wall runs, dive roll and scuba anims). It’s still gotta get sent off so that everyone gets their anims on time. Don’t forget if your game needs some specific animation’s all you have to do is ask (and have a video […]

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