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Building Props anims 1.17

All the animations currently in preview will be a part of  props animations 1.17. I am currently working on putting all the animations into the animation example scene for release to Unity. Also there is quite a good soccer game in the works with these animations, but i will give more details about it in […]

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Props animations 1.16 Accepted

Props animations 1.16 is ready for updating! it has a heap of new animations : Muscle Flexes, Pointing, Karate Greet, Gesture Cut throat, Gesture No Fear, Gesture Wonderful, Gesture chest pump salute, Gesture Hand up look around, Fishing, Apple pick, Facepalm, LookUp, IdleSadHips, Roar, FistPump, Gesture crowd pump, Sewing, CheerJump, FistPump2, Reveling, WalkInjured, SatNightFever, ElvisLegs, […]

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1.16 is sent off

Props animations is in the hands of unity for assessment. It will bring the animation count to 421 animations!! That’s more animations than i know what to do with heh. Also if you have a game demo or something that uses the props animations asset, let me know! i always like seeing where the asset […]

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