Archive | November, 2013

Props Animations 1.09 is out!!

A bunch of new animations in this pack: Added work anims(axe, pick and shovel), crouch strafes, spew, 1 hand sword roll attack, weapon/pistol stabs and motorbike enter/exit anims. I also cleaned up the animator in the example scene. The next update should contain some roller blade and skateboard animations, get your skeg skills on

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Props Animations 1.08!

Its finally out, after a hefty 9 day approval, unity has accepted the 1.08 update. It features a heap of motorbike animations, and a small controller demo scene to help you get started with mecanim. The small controller scene features layers (for weapons), 2d locomotion blending between motions (running fwd, back, left and right) and […]

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